Google Launches Redesigned Google Play Setup

Google Launches Redesigned Google Play Setup

Google Play Console, now referred to simply as “Play Console.” For the rest of us, perhaps at some point soon we’ll grow to not mind it as much.

The change focuses mostly on navigation and design more-so than significant feature/functionality updates, in a similar vein as Google’s new Adwords platform facelift.

Play Console’s new navigation items include:

  • Dashboard (general insights arranged in a dashboard view)
  • Statistics (daily performance data segmented by dimensions like app version)
  • Development Tools (developer information on crashes, APIs and other technical info)
  • Release Management (tools for managing new app releases)
  • Store Presence (experiments, pricing, IAP and other data affecting your app listing)
  • User Acquisition (data on marketing, ASO, sales & ads, plus tips from Google)
  • Financial Reports (details on your app’s monetization)
  • User Feedback (the new home for ratings & reviews, plus beta feedback)

Also included in Google’s Play Console update was an expansion of the number of countries and languages supported, including English for Canada!

The Bottom Line: Google gives its app management platform a design and navigation update, plus adds support for additional localizations and languages.

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