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How business intelligence can help tech adverse people use data analytics

The world of business intelligence (BI) is evolving. Big data is now moving from the sole care of data scientists and becoming accessible to employees throughout organizations. The mystique surrounding data analytics is falling away, with tools designed to let non-technically-minded people understand metrics. Information that supports good business decisions is just a click away. In short, BI is becoming available to everyone. “Data democratization is about creating an environment where every person who can use data to make better decisions, has access [...]

Google Launches Redesigned Google Play Setup

Google Play Console, now referred to simply as “Play Console.” For the rest of us, perhaps at some point soon we’ll grow to not mind it as much. The change focuses mostly on navigation and design more-so than significant feature/functionality updates, in a similar vein as Google’s new Adwords platform facelift. Play Console’s new navigation items include: Dashboard (general insights arranged in a dashboard view) Statistics (daily performance data segmented by dimensions like app version) Development Tools (developer information on crashes, APIs and other technical info) Release Management (tools [...]

Here’s Why You’re Struggling to Hire a Data Engineer

Reason #1: Your compensation is below market value This was by far the most common rebuttal to the supposed shortage of data engineering talent. “If you are really serious about a shortage, you should be really serious about making offers that can be competitive,” wrote jnordwick, “but I keep seeing the same $150k offers. That isn’t a ‘shortage’ kind of offer.” This experience was echoed by several others, including whenwillitstop: “[I’m] pinged by companies obsessively for my big data skills, all [...]